m-PAYA Mobile Lending for Saccos

m-PAYA Mobile Lending Provides instant emergency loans to MFI and SACCO members. This new innovation enables Sacco’s to lend small amounts of cash advances and offer other consumer services such as prepaid electricity, airtime, and insurance.

Sacco’s are looking for new revenue streams outside of their traditional services which they’re uniquely positioned because:

  • They have developed a philosophy of providing simple and relevant services to their customers.
  • Through services such as the m-paya mobile wallet, SACCO’s are gathering more in depth data on their customers.
  • With the m-paya credit system, members enjoy the convenience in depositing and have access to loans instantly.

BENEFITS OF m-PAYA Mobile Lending

  • Instant loans Access
  • SACCO’s increase revenue
  • Improve credit scoring
  • Limitless new loan products
  • Paperless transactions



Enable your members to apply and receive cash faster



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