How it works

m-PAYA SmartCash Handling is a service that turns cash deposits made to a retail safe into a deposit made to your bank the same business day, Any bank, Every day.

Retail locations insert their cash into a secure safe that verifies and counts the cash, the next business day the deposit is electronically transferred to the bank account of their choice.


  • No Need to Change Banks – Your deposit is wired to thebank of your choice every banking day.
  • Stop Counting Cash – Let the safe count it accurately,every time. Let your managers manage.
  • Safety and Security – Internal and external, only armoredservices can open the safe.
  • Reduce Armored Pick-ups – With daily credit, you onlyneed a pick-up when the safe is full – maybe only once per week.
  • Same Day Funds Availability – Money in the safe at 10:00am is in your bank by 2:00pm same banking day.
  • You Choose – Own your safe or lease it.
  • Real-time Web Inquiry – Available for all safes with complete transaction details.
  • All-in Price – Includes safe, installation, training, maintenance, and deposit credit.

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